William A. Latocki ~ Biography

Bill Latocki has been self-employed full-time or part-time since September, 1974, in the professional fields of advertising, marketing and the creative communication arts. Today he is a one-man ad agency with over 37 years of hands-on experience in a broad range of services.

His multi-tasking skills offer a strong advantage to his clients. With Bill you have the ad agency president, marketing director, creative director, senior designer, copywriter, web designer, photographer – all in one person.  This multi-talent in one person allows for greater effectiveness and speed in serving his clients.

His years, depth, and range of experience helps bring results to his client’s marketing, advertising and promotional efforts. Bill has sat on “all 3 sides of the desk” as he describes it: he managed senior level corporate communication and marketing departments of corporations, he managed senior level advertising sales and communications for a publishing company, and he owned a full-service ad agency through out it all.

His enthusiasm for helping his clients meet their objectives is real and genuine and that is the key to his success for them. Bill says: “I enjoy what I do and I love to help others succeed.  I am dedicated and enthusiastic about my services for my clients. Results are all that matters. And I get things done.”

His current services are:  Branding, Marketing, Advertising, Consulting, Website Design, Internet Marketing, Copywriting, Photography & Videography, Publication Design & Marketing, Package Design, Event Management & Promotions
Additional background:
Bill married his wife, Kathy, 37 years ago on New Years Eve. Kathy & Bill have 4 grown successful children and 3 grandchildren. They operate two faith-based ministries: NewJackson.org and WellspringPraise.org. Bill is on the board of directors for the Transformation Michigan ministry and Kathy is on the board of Lazy B’s Ranch for Kids – both are 501[c]3 non-profit organizations. Bill also performs percussion and/or drums on a regular basis for his Wellspring Praise ministry and several other groups, ministries or organizations.

Bill has served, with his creative arts and marketing services, several faith-based or social organizations such as: New Jackson, Michigan Capital House of Prayer, Citizens for Traditional Values, Adopt-a-Cop, Together We Can Make a Difference, First Century Ministries, Kim Clement Ministries, Lifesong Entertainment, Lazy B’s Ranch, Cornerstone Festival, Transformation Michigan, Riethmiller Papa New Guinea Missionaries, Student Statesmanship Institute, Merging Streams Commonwealth, Mark Gurley Ministries, and several others.

In the past Bill has served as a precinct delegate for 4 terms, 2 years as a volunteer for Prison Fellowship ministry, seminar leader with “101 Ad Tips” and “How to See” photo seminars, cochairman of an industry’s association’s advertising and public relations committee and when he is not babysitting his grandkids he could be found pounding on drums and congas and enjoying life to its fullest.


W.A.Latocki ~ 166 Orchard, Michigan Center, MI 49254

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[Biography updated Fall 2011]